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Hello, my name is Robin.  My mission is to help others tell their personal story through their home décor.  I believe firmly that our homes are an expression of our journeys and our personalities.  I strive to help people find their personal story and style through décor that is kind to the earth.  To that end, I use recycled and upcycled materials whenever I can.  These materials include pallets, reclaimed fence pickets and 2 x 4s rescued from dumpsters.  I use the "oops" paint at the hardware store that will end up in the trash if it were not for me.     I also love to upcycle items, such as furniture and mirrors. 

I am an active person.  I don't mean that I am in the best physical shape that I can be in.  I just meant that sitting still is not one of my skills.  I am always doing at least two things at once and as a result, I love to create things with my hands.

There is probably not a craft out there that I haven't tried.  I am not necessarily very good at some of them, but I am willing to try just about anything creative.

My most recent creative passions have been funneled into creating treasures from found or recycled items such as my signs that I make from reclaimed fence pickets.  I have also found a recent interest in making glass pendants. 

Having a website to offer these treasures to the world was a natural by product of my creativity.  Although I have a huge family, they can only receive so many hand made presents and home décor items.

I love to create custom orders because then I know that my work is going to be something very special for someone.  I also love just getting inspiration from my daily life.  There are always new ideas for creations swirling in my head. 

As for my daily life, it is nothing short of inspiring.  I have a loving husband, three stepkids, two kids and three dogs.  I have two brothers and a sister and between all of them; I have seven nieces and nephews.  I find that it is sometimes more fun to be an aunt than it is a mom - although being a mom is the most important thing to me in the world.  It defines who I am, even more than the career that I spent twenty years in (healthcare).  I have a sarcastic sense of humor and rarely tolerate drama, both of which come out in my work. 

Thanks for taking the time to read about me.  Stay and browse awhile.  If you have any questions or just want to share, send me an email at hello@LadybugJellybean.com.  I answer all of my own email and love to hear from my customers.

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