Broncos Sign for your Front Porch

Robin Weston

Hi there! Less than one week to the Big Game! Since you don’t know me, you don’t know that I am a die-hard Broncos fan. Really, I just love pro football, but there are definitely teams I love and those that I don’t love so much.   In any case, I decided to make a sign for my front porch to show my spirit. I also put these signs up in the shop. Here are directions to make your own front porch sign.

I make these signs using fence pickets. I get mine at the Home Depot. I buy the pickets that are 6 feet tall, 5.5 inches wide. I cut off the bottom 12 inches and make a sign out of it.

I go over the pickets one time with a sander, just very quickly. Then I paint them. For my Broncos signs, I painted them navy blue. I’d love to tell you what shade of navy – but I buy the “oops” paints at Home Depot and use them.

Once both sides have been painted and have dried, I go over them again with my palm sander to smooth them out and to distress them a bit. I like the worn/aged look. If you don’t like this look – you could sand them and then paint them with a second coat of paint.

After sanding, I cut the letters on my Cricut machine. For this sign, I used the “Shadow” font on the Calligraphy catridge. I cut my letters at 5 ¾ inches, with the exception of the “S”, which I cut at 6 ¼”. For some reason, when I cut the “S” at 5 ¾, it just didn’t look right.

Then I laid out my letters on my sign and attached with my homemade version of ModgePodge. I usually look at the sign in about 20 minutes and go over any parts of the letters that are coming up. Once it is dry, I go over the entire thing with my homemade ModgePodge again.

Once that is dry, you could put a coat of finish on your sign, such as Polyurethane. I usually skip this step. My front porch is pretty well protected from the elements.

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